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Announcing IPFire Nano Box - Our First ARM-based Appliance

30 May 2018 by Michael Tremer

We are proud to announce our first ARM-based appliance: The IPFire Nano Box

This small and versatile system will be our latest addition to our professional IPFire Appliance line and will make IPFire ready to deployed on the Internet of Things as well as in smallest locations like a remote working office or in industrial plants.

DNS-over-TLS available now on our resolvers

03 May 2018 by Michael Tremer

We have now enabled DNS-over-TLS on our resolvers to protect our users’ privacy even better.

DNS, the Domain Name Service, is suddenly experiencing a second spring. New features are reshaping the protocol that has been the backbone of the Web since day one.

Hello World!

23 Mar 2018 by Michael Tremer

Welcome to our redesigned website. The new face of Lightning Wire Labs. A new design, to reflect the open and innovative culture of our company, and our forward thinking.