From today, all purchases of an enterprice appliances will come with a free 36 months of warranty! We at Lightning Wire Labs place unlimited trust in our hardware products and we want you to do the same, too.

Being online is not just important for any modern business, Internet connectivity is a necessity and without it most companies are instantly losing productivity and profit very quickly after.

We realise that and put this idea at the core of our design process and make our hardware platform rock-solid by only selecting the best and well tested components to build them. Optimal integration with the IPFire operating system are the second step to add stability and performance.

But our service to you does not end when an appliance has been shipped. With every unit, you get a package that is supposed to help you to operate the appliance as well as never wasting a thought about issues like failure. And even if that might happen, we are here for you.

Previously, every appliance came with 24 months of warranty which is the standard duration of warranty for most products. But why stop there? Our appliances are running for much longer and there is no need to replace it after only two years.

Instead of making any warranty extensions optional and complicated at purchase time, we make this easy for you: From July, all enterprise appliances will come with 36 months of warranty at no extra cost.